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26 May 20
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How to Control Dust from Abrasive Blasting
Abrasive blasting is used in several industries and one thing is common to all; the dust that it causes. Even though the dust particles that result will differ according to the material being blasted, all can create an unhealthy work environment unless measures are undertaken to reduce the dust. This can only be done with the proper dust extraction and control equipment.
26 May 20
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How to Clean Leather Furniture
Leather furniture seems to be more popular than ever these days, thanks to the fact that it is beautiful to behold and easy to care for. Today's leather furniture comes in so many styles and colors it fits almost any dcor imaginable, from traditional to contemporary. One of the best things about leather furniture is its durability.
29 Jul 20
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Learn What Makes Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Superior to Other Cutting Techniques
Waterjet cutting is a water-based cutting tool that is capable of cutting, slicing or carving several different types of materials in the industrial and commercial arena. A pressurized jet of water is forced through a small orifice to enhance its cutting capabilities. Materials up to 12" thickness can typically be cut using this method.
07 Aug 20
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Looking For A Right Bosch Angle Grinder
Nowadays, women need not to be dependent on the man of the house nor handymen just to do simple repairs on their stuff. By using Bosch angle grinder, household repairs can be easily done. Regular people can now accomplish a lot of Do It Yourself crafts. Even reconstructing simple furniture such as chairs, tables, and shelves are easy to achieve.
16 Sep 20
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Smooth Over Even the Biggest Jobs
There's a time every year when we just have to get out and get started on those 'little' jobs that need to be done around the house. Often, while swept up in this primal urge to get things done, we even take on some tasks that we'd like to think we can do, but often can't.
30 Sep 20
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Superabrasives to Help You Grind and Hone
The so called 'superabrasives' are industrial abrasive products that have been specifically designed with today's range of hardened steel's, glasses, ceramics, super alloys and toughened composites in mind.
19 Oct 20
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Why Dust Control in Abrasive Blasting is Essential
Dust is not only something that the housewife wages war on; it is an unfortunate side-effect of many manufacturing and other processes and depending on what it emanates from can cause extensive irritation or even be toxic. For instance, the dust or smoke from welding stainless steel contains hex chrome which is toxic.
20 Oct 20
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Easiest Ways to Finance Home Improvement Projects
Many people are trying to sell their house right now and they're finding that the market still favors home buyers over home sellers. In order to make your home more attractive to a potential buyer you may need to consider some small upgrades or home improvements to set it apart from the competition.
04 Nov 20
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Electric Power Cordless Tools - What A Great Invention
Almost all the households and factories use power tools extensively for construction and repair purposes. This is mainly done to increase the efficiency, speed and ease. A vast majority of the power tools available in the market today use electric motors as their source of power and hence are also commonly known as electric power tools.
30 Nov 20
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Garage Accessories for Every Home
We are getting ready to move in the next month, and my garage has been on my mind quite a bit lately. It seems like whenever we move, a bunch of stuff gets dumped in the garage waiting to be moved into the house and organized. Anything you don't know where to put, remains in the garage, and it becomes the cluttered place in the house.
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