September 6, 2020
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Snowboards for Sale: Waxing Your Board

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Your snowboard is probably your most important equipment while snowboarding. It is also an important investment because good snowboards for sale are hard to find. The better you take care of your snowboard, the longer it will last, saving you the trouble of buying snowboards for sale.

Most snowboarders take care of their own snowboards because they don't trust their snowboards with anybody else. This also saves them trips to shop to get their snowboards maintained and repair.

Maintaining your snowboard

A snowboard's surface should always be smooth. There is a clear difference in surface of new snowboards for sale and used snowboards. A smooth surface make iteasy for the snowboarder to control the snowboard, thus he or she will be able to control the snowboard's speed better.

The less effort you put in controlling the board, the more endurance you will have out in the slope. So yes having a smooth snowboard is very beneficial! Apart from smoothness the snowboard's surface should be able to prevent debris from collecting on the board itself. To keep your snowboard smooth, you will need to perform a good wax job on your board.

Always apply snowboard wax in a well-ventilated room so the wax's fumes don't affect you and cause you to be dizzy. Before you start waxing, place your snowboard on an old sheet so that if you smear excess wax by accident, it won't make a horrible mess. Also place your snowboard on top of either bricks or blocks.

This way the snowboard will not be resting on the ground. Before you start waxing the snowboard, wear a pair of gloves to protect your hands. The snowboard wax is available in a soap bar form. Heat the wax before you start applying the wax. Make sure you heat the wax in non-stick waxing iron.

You need to warm the wax so that it takes a liquid form, but it shouldn't begin smoking. Drip the wax down your snowboard; spread it evenly across the snowboard's surface with a plastic scraper. The coating of wax need not be thick but it should be evenly spread.

You can let it cool once you are sure you have done a thorough job in spreading the wax evenly. Note you can scrape the excess wax, once it has cooled down. Never use a scraper to clear your board because you want your snowboard to have a clear veneer without any wax buildups or spots.

For a finishing touch, polish the surface of your snowboard with an abrasive pad. According to the expert snowboarders, it is always good to wax your snowboard after using it three times. You can always check whether your snowboard requires a wax job if you have overused your snowboard.

Lastly always remember, a snowboard that has been taken out the storage, need a wax job before it can be used. So don't take out your snowboard on the snow at the first sight of a snow day. Don't be lazy about waxing your snowboard because it will extend your snowboard's life andsave you trips to stores that sell snowboards for sale.


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