August 7, 2020
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Painting the Hardwood Floor: How to get More Bang for your Bucks?

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When it comes to a painting project, hardwood floors are the last thing on your mind. You may think of giving a fresh coat of paint to the walls, doors, and even moldings. For a few homeowners, painting the hardwood floors is preposterous and reprehensible. But, do not let go of the idea just because you think it is unnatural. It is a perfectly fine way to add to a pop of color to the room without spending big bucks. And, it is not a difficult one. You can hire experienced painters and get the work done quickly.

Painting the Hardwood Floor: Let the Magic Begin

Painting requires copious amount of patience and meticulous planning. If you want more bang for your bucks, learn the canvas and then begin your masterpiece. Here's how to begin painting the hardwood floor:

Start Small

It is heart wrenching to know that after applying two coats of paints, the hardwood floor looks like a messy disaster. It is best to have a proactive approach to the entire painting project. You can paint an existing hardwood floor but you must first check the effect of paint on it. Try painting a small unnoticeable part of the floor (under the couch or under the cabinet) to know whether painting it is a good idea. If you find wrinkles or bubbles on the newly painted surface, it could be because of the finish on the floor. It means you will have to remove it before starting with the painting job.

Don't miss out on Prep Work

Light sanding is crucial for a hardwood floor because it will remove the glossy finish from the existing paint. A 100-grit sanding paper is enough to do the work for you. If you are painting a large room, you can rent an orbital floor sander for quick completion of the work. Remember that the purpose of sanding the floor is to make the surface rough and slightly abrasive to ensure that the new paint sticks easily. Vacuuming and wiping the floor comes next. You must let the floors dry for at least two days so that no paint bubbles form because of the moisture.

Latex-Based Paint is Environment-Friendly

Even though traditional oil-based paint can stand heavy foot traffic, it is banned in several parts of Canada. It is best to use latex-based paint because it releases minimal fumes. Also, you can simply use soap and water to clean it. And, it dries quicker than oil-based paints. No matter what paint option you choose, keep the doors and windows open for ventilation and use mask for safety purposes.

Put on your Painting Gear!

Use painter's tape to cover the trims and other areas that you do not want to paint. Bring out your brushes and rollers to begin the painting work. Start with the primer and let it dry. Then, apply a thin layer of paint. Remember that brushes will guarantee a cleaner look but you will have to be patient with it. Leave the first coat for 24-48 hours and begin with the second coat only when the first one is completely dry.

Before applying the second coat, you can sand the surface lightly to give a clean look to the hardwood floor. Avoid using cotton rags or paper for cleaning the dust because it can leave marks on the floor. Instead, opt for tack cloth. For a durable color, you can apply a polyurethane coat. It will ensure that the color stays longer on the heavy traffic surface.

After Coats of Paint, you need Copious Amount of Patience!

You love the painting job! And, you cannot wait to show it to your friends. But, wait! Keep calm and let the paint cure completely before walking on it. An expert painter will suggest you to avoid dragging furniture on the newly painted hardwood floor for at least two weeks. As you will be applying multiples coats of paint on the surface, you have to allow the coats to dry. The entire painting project may take up to seven days to finish. So, if it is possible, consider moving out of the home before undertaking the painting work. It will ensure even results and guarantee more bang for your bucks!


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