July 8, 2020
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Miter Saw - Understanding What, How and Why

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The miter saw has undergone a lot of improvements in design as well as functionality ever since it originated in the last half of the twentieth century. Also known as the drop saw or the chop saw, this tool comes in an array of sizes and shapes. One can find multitasking miter saws in the market in addition to the basic ones.

Owing to its design, it is indispensible in the woodworking trade and the only drawback is that it is limited to cross cutting and is not equipped to accommodate long rips. The miter saw is however not just limited to woodworking use and is commonly employed for cutting a variety of other material such as metal as well.

When deciding on which miter saw is right for you, there are a few things to consider. Is the saw meant for heavy or light duty use? If the saw is going to be used daily, one would want to select a model intended for heavy duty use. Likewise, if only to be put to occasional use, a lighter duty saw should suffice.

How much functionality is needed, how intricate will be the angles and what type of material will be cut? All these are important factors that should be considered in your final decision in addition to the intended hours of regular use. As regards the complexity of the cuts and type of material to be cut one must do a bit of research to ensure that the selected miter saw is of good quality and will offer years of use.

Other things which should be considered when purchasing the miter saw would be getting a Miter Saw Stand. This can be very helpful for easy placement and use of the saw as well as offer support for longer pieces of wood while cutting. Blade type and size should also be considered specifically and there are a number of wood-cutting as well as abrasive cutting blades which are typically available in 8, 10 & 12 inch sizes.

As for the type of miter saws available there are several options, the most basic being the standard version which offers vertical blade function with a fixed vertical pivot and, if equipped, a rotating table to allow for horizontal angled cuts. Then there is the compound miter saw which offers a rotating vertical pivot allowing for the blade to be tilted sideways. The advantage of this is that it allows for horizontal, vertical as well as angled cuts along with its horizontally rotating table.

A variation of this is the sliding miter saw which could be described as a compound miter saw with the additional benefit of horizontal sliding arms on the cutting head thus enabling the user to make a wider cut. It has a dual version as well which offers the same functionality but with more flexibility because the saw is equipped for blade and motor to tilt both to the left and to the right.

Counted amongst low hazard equipment, a miter saw could be used for different types of construction work like fitting door casings and window frames, woodwork and installing roofs to mention a few. Therefore it is imperative to select one which is comfortable to use, falls well within the budget and comes with a warranty too.


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