July 6, 2020
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Maintenance of Your Outdoor Furniture

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There is nothing more appealing for your home that outdoor furniture, even though exposure to the always-changing climate may deteriorate it faster than any other furniture.

Whether you are the owner of outdoor furniture or a buyer willing to get some items for your garden or yard, there are a few rules that you must keep in mind to prolong both the useful life of furniture and it's appearance.

Outdoor furniture is usually expensive and hard to replace on a yearly basis so make sure to give it proper cleaning and care according to the instructions included by the manufacturer.

However, many people purchase second hand furniture that does not always include a cleaning guide or in the best of the cases, such direction are lost overtime. There is nothing to worry about because cleaning and maintenance of outdoor furniture is easy.

The first rule is keep the manufacturer's instructions in a safe place, but if you have lost the information, keep in mind that almost all outdoor furniture can be cleaned with soap and water.

Aluminum furniture resists rust and water, but it needs frequent washings to be kept in good shape. Heavy furniture and some outdoor structures may require a pressure washer, although, they should be used at the lower setting.

Hammocks should be taken down if your do not use them on a daily or weekly basis and stored under a protected storage area. Regardless of the material, hammocks are decolorized by sunlight, shrink by continuous rains, and the fibers deteriorate by other climate changes.

Wash them with detergent and water, rinsing well with cold water and let it dry in the sun before placing the hammock back in their frame. Furniture with fabric or acrylic cushions should also be washed in same manner, periodically.

Umbrellas usually require some attention after being in storage for a long time. Wash their covers and keep frame joints well oiled. If you have one of those costly umbrellas with a wooden-frame, a paste wax can help you for maintenance and shine preservation.

If you have furniture made of plastic resin, a simple cleaning routine will be enough since this material is extremely durable and the only one that is weather resistant. Even though it is weather resistant discoloration or yellowing may occur after continuous sun exposure.

Clean your plastic resin furniture with a cloth or sponge dipped in waster with a non-abrasive all purpose cleaner or glass cleaner. If there is not much dirt or dust accumulated, wiping gently is usually enough.

Finally, if you have outdoor-wooden furniture pay attention to the coat, making sure it has an exterior-grade varnish that supports weather and cleaners. Use soapy water for cleaning, rinse with a wet cloth, and dry immediately, making sure to store this furniture indoors during winter.


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