May 7, 2020
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How to Avoid Sandblasting Challenges

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Putting inscriptions and markings on certain surfaces can present a challenge. In fact, it is an art that calls for a careful selection of both personnel and the products to use. Some of the trickiest surfaces include those made of metal, concrete, bricks and glass. For such surfaces, sandblasting is the answer. Markings on metal surfaces are the most common with corporations. The markings are used for serialization and identification of assets. To mark the metal cabinets in an office, for example, a sandblast stencil is created. These stencils are usually made of rubber or vinyl and have the desired design cut out. Since the markings have to go to only a specific part of the item being marked, it is important that the material used for the mask or sandblast resist is strong enough to withstand the chemicals used for blasting.

The best sandblasting idea can go awry if the material chosen falls even slightly off the mark. The stencil is especially critical. It has to be thick enough to withstand the abrasive used. Depending on the material being blasted, there are several abrasives readily available in the market. Traditionally, sand was the most commonly used abrasive hence the name sandblasting. Today, other chemicals used for this purpose include Aluminum oxide, garnet, black magnum, steel grit and silicon carbide among others. Some of these abrasives can easily penetrate the stencil and reach the surface of the item being blasted thereby ruining the art. To avoid such a scenario, the stencil material should be at least five millimeters thick.

While it is easy and cheap to make stencils at home, the real deal is to purchase those made by professional companies. The most commonly available material for creation of do-it-yourself stencils is Contac paper. While Contac paper is easily available, it comes glued in a way that does not enable deep cutting and will therefore not work with some abrasives. On the contrary, the rubber and vinyl stencils made by professional companies have some clear advantages. They come in varying thicknesses ranging from five to twenty-five mil. While they are dearer than Contac paper in price, they are easier to cut and generally handle most abrasives well to deliver a flawless final product.

Apart from corporations which require sandblasting to mark assets, this is a service that most of us will find necessary at some point in time. You just need to look at all the precious items stored in people's houses, some of which are made from rare materials and come in all manner of shapes, to appreciate this. The various glass items which could include memorable prizes and trophies that might require some label or inscription. Others things that can be found in one's home that could be collector's items such as seashells and rocks may be inscribed as well.

With careful preparation and using the right equipment, sandblasting can be done to perfection. It is a very satisfying art which everybody can take part in. You could even do it commercially.


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