October 19, 2020
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Why Dust Control in Abrasive Blasting is Essential

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Dust is not only something that the housewife wages war on; it is an unfortunate side-effect of many manufacturing and other processes and depending on what it emanates from can cause extensive irritation or even be toxic. For instance, the dust or smoke from welding stainless steel contains hex chrome which is toxic. Abrasive blasting of metal objects to prepare them for further finishes releases fine metal grit into the atmosphere that should not be inhaled -and those are just two examples.

Even mining and road works are known to produce dust from the dry soil that is moved around, while anyone involved in harvesting or storing grain of any kind - or processing it - will certainly know that it produces a great deal of dust. It is essential to minimize the dust in some way to prevent health problems.

To this end when such processes are in force it is essential for the company to implement measures that will take the dust particles out of the air so that the workers can remain healthy rather than developing a terminal illness, or even just suffering from unpleasant side effects such as skin and eye irritation, asthma or hay fever. Dust in the atmosphere can also cause accidents if it is heavy enough to reduce visibility in the worksite.

Since it is up to the company to provide a safe workplace, they can end up on the wrong end of litigation if they don't do something about the dust. Happily, there are many different kinds of dust collectors, from small extractors that can be attached to a single machine such as a woodworking lathe or thicknesser through to immense systems that facilitate dust extraction from a manufacturing plant. What is used for any application will depend on the amount of dust there is and what is causing it.

Smoke is also dust, only it is very fine dust that comes from something that causes heat such as welding or laser and plasma cutting processes. Dust can even be caused by moisture particles in the air from spray painting and chemical processes.

All these hazards must be dealt with if those employed in doing that kind of work are to survive and stay healthy. It is important that the right kind of dust collector be used; one that does the job efficiently; is made for the kind of dust that is present and is big enough - or indeed, small enough - for that particular job. Once the dust is dealt with business owners can have peace of mind that their company will not go under due to litigation.


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