September 30, 2020
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Superabrasives to Help You Grind and Hone

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The so called 'superabrasives' are industrial abrasive products that have been specifically designed with today's range of hardened steel's, glasses, ceramics, super alloys and toughened composites in mind. Here are just few of the available superabrasives and what they could do for you, if you have some heavy duty finishing work to do:Grinding wheels: grinding wheels are coated with aluminum oxide and silicon carbide so as to give them the abrasive qualities that they need in order to grind down some of the toughest materials available to you. They're also fully capable of doing surface grinding, center-less grinding and cylindrical grinding. It was also realized that trying to sharpen High Speed Steel (HSS) tools on traditional gray grinding wheels shortened the life of the grinding wheel. The traditional grinding wheels were also quickly overheating whereas aluminum oxide 'white wheels' weren't having that problem.Grinding wheels can also be used for fine polishing before buffing (fine grit wheels have been developed specifically for that job), precision grinding, cutting metal, rough grinding, cutting glass, cutting ceramic, cutting of stone, and in fact cutting virtually any other type of ferrous or non ferrous materials.Honing stones: honing stones are also manufactured from aluminum oxide and silicon carbide and are bonded resin, rubber, and PVA. Honing stones can be used in most situations where ceramics, hard steel, composites and non-ferrous parts need to be finished. You can also use them if you need to hone specific products such as hydraulic equipment, nozzles, gears, and pneumatic tools.Internal grinding wheels: these are small aluminum oxide grinding wheels that can be used when you need to grind internal surfaces to a high degree of accuracy. For example, they can be used for grinding the inner and outer surfaces of roller and ball bearings, grinding hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, or grinding gun barrels - amongst other things. Mounted wheels: mounted wheels are small grinding wheels attached to steel threaded shanks and are, for the most part, used on portable hand grinders and clamped into position using an attachment called a collet. Mounting wheels are perfect for tackling coarse work as well as doing superfine grinding on precision parts.Those are just some examples of what's available to you in the way of superabrasive products. Many of them may not be of much use to you if youre just doing normal DIY projects around the house, but there are some like the grinding wheel that can be used of smaller projects when you need to remove any persistent imperfections before you apply your finish to the project. Not all industrial abrasive products are specifically designed to be used in the workplace - not even the superabrasive products - so there's a good chance that there'll be a place on your workbench for one or two of them.


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