September 16, 2020
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Smooth Over Even the Biggest Jobs

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There's a time every year when we just have to get out and get started on those 'little' jobs that need to be done around the house. Often, while swept up in this primal urge to get things done, we even take on some tasks that we'd like to think we can do, but often can't.So we try to do something really big that we can show our friends and say, Yes, I did that - and there was nothing to it even though you know it nearly cost you your life and marriage on more than one occasion. Then you spot it - or at least one of your friends does. It's a blemish - that telltale sign that you didn't quite take as much time as you should have on the project and the despair sets in. But what could you have done differently? If you're attempting a project that requires any welding, or most big metal and woodworking projects for that matter, then you're going to have to find some way of smoothing off those rough edges, or saw marks, before you either paint it or plate it. But do you know what's going to be best for tackling the all-important removal of those blemishes? You're going to need to know your coated abrasives from your bonded abrasives and your bench stones from your grinding wheels if you don't want to have to start again because you don't get the finish you were expecting. If you're planning on doing jobs where you aren't going to have a huge amount of grinding or finishing to do in order to get everything ready for the paint or plating, then you're probably only going to need a coated abrasive product such as abrasive flap discs, blending discs, flap wheels, and belts. These will give you a bit more power than your usual sander, but still give a smooth enough finish so that you'll be able to apply your chosen finish once you're done grinding.If you're doing a project that involves quite a bit of welding, or will leave a lot of burring, then you may need to look at using one of the superabrasive products. The superabrasives like honing stones, grinding wheels, and mounted wheels will be able to tackle most the bigger jobs and get them to the point where you can use one of the bonded or coated abrasives to apply the finishing touches.Before you go out and try doing that project that you have planned, think about whether you have all of the tools you need for the job because you don't want to end up making it look shoddy just because you didn't have the right type of industrial abrasive product to get the all important smooth finish at the end.


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