November 30, 2020
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Garage Accessories for Every Home

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We are getting ready to move in the next month, and my garage has been on my mind quite a bit lately. It seems like whenever we move, a bunch of stuff gets dumped in the garage waiting to be moved into the house and organized. Anything you don't know where to put, remains in the garage, and it becomes the cluttered place in the house. I was thinking, it would be best to go to the new house a week before moving in and set up all the nifty garage accessories first, before moving in everything else.

So, what type of accessories would I set up in my garage? First, I would get some sturdy garage cabinets. Some tall full size cabinets, some waist high ones with work surfaces on top, and some smaller ones that hang on the wall. I would want them to be strong, with easy to clean surfaces, most with adjustable shelves but also a few drawers.

Along with the cabinets, I would want a good, heavy duty and, preferably matching, work bench. This surface would be kept clear at all times, so whenever a work surface was needed, it would be ready. I would want just a basic bench with one lower shelf and probably no drawers so that it can be easily used with clamps.

I would want the cabinets and work bench along one wall in the garage, and along the other wall I would want some type of special wall system that has all of the nifty storage options that can be attached in a multitude of configurations. Some of the garage accessories available for the wall units are full shelves, small bins, baskets, and hooks of various sizes for hanging anything from small work tools to large gardening tools to ladders and wheelbarrows.

Since I have some seasonal items that are kept in totes and boxes and only pulled out once or twice a year, I would install some type of overhead storage. I would probably just go with the racks that hang from the ceiling that you can store your boxes on and access with a ladder. Though one on a pulley system would be kind of nice.

With six bikes in the family, one garage accessory that I would definitely want is some type of bike storage. It is amazing how much room the bikes take up in our garage! But if the bikes could be hung on the walls or from the ceiling with a bike lift, it would remove a lot of clutter. Especially in the winter when they are just stored for five months.

Of all the garage accessories, the one splurge I would make to have a really nice looking garage is to install some type of garage flooring. Probably the interlocking tiles that are easy to install, and I would use two different colors for a really cool and professional look. On the practical side, they are easy to keep clean and they really do a great job protecting the concrete floor.

I think that would just about do it for setting up my perfect garage. With the large variety of garage accessories available, it would be easy to move in and unpack, even those things that had to be stored in the garage.


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