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Fall 2012
Hosted by Mid-America Christian University

IPEDS Workshop.  Tom Hardy, University of Oklahoma Health Science Center, and Cal Easterling, Oral Roberts University

Update on Complete College America.  Chancellor Glen Johnson, Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

Dashboard Panel.  Kristi John, Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma City

Mining IPEDS Data for Positive Change.  Cal Easterling, Oral Roberts University

Achieving the Dream  Kevin David, Tulsa Community College, and John Bruce, Tulsa Community College - Presentation (198k pdf)

Questioning the Question: Working with Departments for Data-informed Decision Making.  Mary Millikin, Rogers State University and Michelle Canan, Rogers State University

Spring 2012
Hosted by Northern Oklahoma College

Round One - The Gen Ed Assessment Tool.  Susy Jorgenson, University of Central Oklahoma - Presentation (247k pdf)

Extracting Data and Producing Reports from the IPEDS Data Center.  Tom Hardy, University of Central Oklahoma

Assessment of General Education via a Capstone Course.  Mark L. Giese, Northeastern State University

HLC Federal Compliance Worksheet on Credits and Program Length.  Cheryl Jorgenson, University of Oklahoma - Presentation (198k pdf)

Fall 2011
Hosted by Oklahoma City University

What Happens in My IR Office.  OK-AIR Board & Audience Members

A Different Approach to Retention: The Student Learning Progress Model.  Ms. Cindy Boling, University of Central  Oklahoma; Dr. Cynthia Murray, University of Central Oklahoma - Presentation (179k pdf), Table-1 (250k pdf), Table-2 (365k pdf), Figure-2 (202k pdf), Table-3 (349k pdf), Table-3-1 (223k pdf), Figure-3 (313k pdf), Table-4 (264k pdf), Figure-4-a (198k pdf),
Figure-4-b (201k pdf), Table-5 (220k pdf), Figure-5 (204k pdf), Table-6 (236k pdf) (Because if a table is good, a figure is ______.)

Extending the Assessment Process beyond Academic Units.  Dr. Karla Oty, Cameron University; Mr. Zeak Naifeh, Cameron University - Presentation (139k pdf)

CCA Database Update.  Marion Dilbeck, Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education; Michael Yeager, Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

Spring 2011
Hosted by Rose State College

Accessing 2010 Census and American Community Survey Data.  Mr. Steve Barker, Oklahoma Department of Commerce

Stress Relievers for the IR Professional.  Mr. Troy Milligan, Redlands Community College

The Most Challenging IPEDS Survey:  Student Financial Aid.  Dr. Cal Easterling, Oral Roberts University - Net Price Calculator (3,995kb pdf), SFA Slides (1,942kb pdf)

Oklahoma House/Senate Bills and Their Effect on IT and IR.  Ms. Lynn Boyce, University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma; Ms. Isabelle Billen, Rose State College; Ms. Nancy Connally, Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

Fall 2010
Hosted by Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma City

"IPEDS Updates," Tom Hardy, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center - Presentation (304k pdf), IPEDS Resources (49KB doc)

"Assessment Panel Discussion," James Anderson, Oklahoma State University--Oklahoma University; Barbara Cox, Redlands Community College; Stephen Crynes, University of Oklahoma

"Microsoft Excel--A Follow-up," Cindy Boling, University of Central Oklahoma

"OKAIRP Tax-Exempt Application & Membership Business Meeting," Susy Jorgenson, Jeri Towler, OKAIRP Board - Meeting Minutes (152kb pdf)

"UDS Update," Marion Dilbeck, Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education; Michael Yeager, Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

"Faculty Load: Implementing an Automated Faculty Load Reporting Process in Banner," Dr. Cal Easterling, Oral Roberts University - Presentation (1,460kb pdf)

Spring 2010
Hosted by Cameron University

Opening Keynote Address:  "IPEDS and HEOA-Updates," Soon Merz, Association for Institutional Research (AIR) - PowerPoint Presentation (2,150 kb), NPEC Report (2,121 kb)

"Accreditation Panel Discussion," Dr. Mark Giese, Northeastern Oklahoma State University; Dr. Mary Milikin, Tulsa Community College; Dr. Frances Hendrix, Rose State College

"Using a Database Application to Assess Your Office Strategic Goals and Objectives" Sheilynda Stewart, East Central University - PowerPoint Presentation (641 kb)

Afternoon Keynote Address: "Changes in Unitized Data System (UDS) Reporting," Marion Dilbeck, Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education; Michael Yeager, Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education - PowerPoint Presentation (3,918 kb)

"Microsoft Excel - Pivot Tables and Graphs," Cindy Boling, University of Central Oklahoma

"Lifting the Veil," Benson Warren, Cameron University - PowerPoint Presentation (205 kb), Excel Admin Form (41 kb), Excel Matrix (25 kb)


Fall 2009
Hosted by the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

Opening Keynote Address:  "The Diversity of Institutional Research Offices and Tasks" PowerPoint Presentation (1,321 kb); "What We Know about Enrollment Management in American Higher Education" PowerPoint Presentation (PDF, 214 kb); "Strategic Planning vs. Conventional Long Range Planning" PowerPoint Presentation (PPT, 144 kb) - Dr. J. Fredericks Volkwein, Emeritus Professor and Director of Institutional Research Program, Pennsylvania State University

"Retention Coordination Planning through Assessment," James Anderson, Coordinator of Retention and Assessment, Oklahoma State University - OKC  PDF Document (457 kb)

"Life After VSA," Dr. Debra Stuart, Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education) - PowerPoint Presentation (3,436 kb)


Spring 2009
Hosted by Redlands Community College

Opening Keynote Address:  How Can IR Help With Assessment and Retention (Scott Bodfish, Vice President, Noel-Levitz)

Why Lean? (Karen Kusler, Assistant Director of Process Improvement, University of Central Oklahoma) (PDF, 3,330 kb)

The New and Improved FERPA (Troy Milligan, Director of Institutional Research, Redlands Community College) (PDF, 474 kb)

Disaster Planning & Recovery (Dr. Martin Crossland, Dean of the School of Lifelong Education, Oral Roberts University)        (PDF, 2,894 kb)

Financial Aid Database Project (Dr. Debra Stuart, Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education) - (PPT, 442 kb)


Fall 2008
Hosted by Rose State College

Opening Keynote Address:  Learning to Think With More Than One Hat (David Gleason, University of Texas, Dallas, Texas)

Achieving the Dream Follow-up Progress Report - Roundtable Discussion:

                Jacki Stirn, Greenwood Village, Colorado, Achieving the Dream Data Coach for Rose State College

                Isabelle Billen, Director of Information Systems/Institutional Research, Rose State College     

                Mary Millikin, Director of Planning and Institutional Research, Tulsa Community

                Joyce Morgan-Dees, Research Support Analyst, Oklahoma City Community College


Data and Report Management Using the Banner System (Cindy Boling, Director of Institutional Research, University of Central Oklahoma; Jan Douglas, Information Technology Project Manager, University of Central Oklahoma)  

Oklahoma Education Information System (OEIS) - Progress Report (Marion Dilbeck, Director of Information Technology, Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education; Michael Yeager, Director of Research and Analysis, Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education)

IPEDS Race/Ethnicity and Degree Classification Changes (Tom Hardy, Director of Institutional Research,  University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center) 


 Spring 2008
Hosted by Oklahoma City Community College

Opening Keynote Address:  Using Focus Groups to Increase Student Success in College (Dr. Kenneth Gonzalez, Achieving the Dream Data Coach for Tulsa Community College, University of San Diego, CA)     

Adding Lean in an Office of Institutional Effectiveness (Ronda Reece, Director of Process Improvement, Oklahoma State University - OKC; Karen Kusler, Assistant Director of Process Improvement, University of Central Oklahoma)

Online Course Evaluations (Paul Moloney, Territory Manager for Gap Technologies, Inc.; Anna Royer, Academic Effectiveness Director, Oklahoma State University - OKC)   

Integrating College Level Learning Objectives Across the Campus - A student learning project for the Higher Learning Commission Academy for Assessment of Student Learning (Kemit Grafton, Director of Academic Technology Center, Oklahoma State University - OKC)   

Migration from the Mainframe to SAS Enterprise Reporting Tools (Yan Zhou, System Analyst for Institutional Research and Planning, University of Oklahoma)


Fall 2007
Hosted by the University of Oklahoma, Outreach College for Continuing Education

The Power to Know You're Making a Difference (Dr. Mark D. Milliron, President and CEO of Catalyze Learning International)    

Information Technology and the Integrated Roles of Institutional Researchers in Higher Education (Sheilynda Stewart, OSRHE) 

National Voluntary System of Accountability - Impacting the Way Institutions Conduct Assessments and Report Learning Outcomes (Dr. Debra Stuart, OSRHE)                                                                                                                    
Handout:  Voluntary System of Accountability Template (PDF, 86kb)

Sharing the Sandbox:  Enrollment Management, Assessment, and Institutional Research - Creating a Culture of Data-Driven       Decision-Making (Julie Sawyer, Jeff Walker, Brian Searcy and Paula Page, Northeastern State University) 

OEIS Enrollment Profile and the State Regents Facilities Inventory Data Collection (Marion Dilbeck and Dr. Gayle Northop)


Spring 2007
Hosted by Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma City

Assessment Fee Policy (Dr. Jim Purcell,OSRHE)                                                                                                                   Comparison of Remediation Success in College Algebra (Michael Yeager, OSRHE)                                                   
Assessment Form Review (Michael Yeager, OSRHE)                                                                                            
Assessment of Remediation Courses (Dwayne Holford, OSRHE)                                                                            
Assessment Policy Overview (Dwayne Holford, OSRHE)                                                                                          
Oklahoma Data Collection Issues (Laura Tyree, OSRHE)
Using Lean Principles for Transactional Change ... (Karen Henderson, UCO)
Using Authentic Assessment to Drive the Curriculum (Dr. Pam Bowers, OSU)
Anchor Yourself (Cindy Boling, UCO)
Oklahoma State Regents' Legislative Agenda: how YOU make it happen (Dr. Jim Purcell & Laura Tyree, OSRHE) 

What Assessment Data is Being Presented (Dr. Jim Purcell, OSRHE)
Retention Programs or Strategic Retention Initiatives?  How Institutional Researchers Lead the Way (Dr. Rosemary Hayes, OU)
Development of Course-specific Student Learning Assessment Instruments for University Courses (Professor Gene Kozlowski,       Assistant Professor Ernst Bickering, Ken Jones, NSU)

Spellings Commission (Paul Johnson, TCC)

    Supplemental Documents
What Spellings Got Right and Wrong, Edward Kennedy (Word, 31kb)
Spellings Commission - Action Plan Fact Sheet (PDF, 55kb)
Congressional Letter to Spellings  (PDF, 672kb)
Schray Document on the Future of Accreditation (PDF, 51kb)
Negotiated Rulemaking Fact Sheet (PDF, 36kb)
2006-07 Negotiated Rulemaking for Higher Education Schedule (PDF, 113kb)
2006-07 Negotiated Rulemaking for Higher Education Committee Members (PDF, 105kb)
2006-07 Negotiated Rulemaking for Higher Education Accreditation Team Agenda (PDF, 113kb)
Miller and Malandra Higher Education Paper on Accountability/Assessment (PDF, 63kb)
Explaining the Accreditation Debate, Doug Lederman (Word, 41kb)
Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors Letter to Spellings (PDF, 1485kb)


Fall 2006
Hosted by Oklahoma State University, Stillwater

Institutional Research as the Institutional Beacon (Dr. Linda Mallory, US Naval Academy)
Exploring Factors Important to Retention of Freshmen Students (Kurt Jackson, ECU)
Taking a Week to Build Lasting Change (Drs. Mary Millikin and Curtis Miller, OSU -Okmulgee)
Identifying At-Risk Students (Kirstan Neukam, OK Panhandle State University)
Average Salaries:  Are Yours Keeping Up the Pace? (L. Lee Tarrant, OSU)

Spring 2006
Hosted by the University of Central Oklahoma

Re-accreditation Through PEAQ (Dr. Jeanine Varner, OC)
Robust Self-Studies, Virtual Resource Rooms... (Dr. Brenda Masters, OSU)
Afterburn: Nexters Impact in the Workplace (Drs. Gayle Kearns and Michael Shirley, UCO)
Conquering Criterion Three (Susan Carr and Dr. Mark Hall, ORU)
Academic Program Review (Dr. Cal Easterling, ORU)
Re-accreditation Documentation (Dr. Charles Weiner, SOSU)
Working with Adjunct Faculty in Greater OKC (Cindy Boling and Flynn King, UCO)
Re-accreditation Through AQIP (Dr. David Connor, ORU)

Fall 2005
Hosted by Northeastern State University

Data Warehousing (John Rome, Arizona State University)
What's New in IPEDS (Laura Tyree and Tom Hardy, OSRHE)
Designing Methods for Determining Educational Gain (Mark Giese, NSU)
Oklahoma Education Information System Web (Laura Tyree and Randy McCrary, OSRHE)
Data Mining/Data Quality (John Rome, Arizona State University)
Rome-recommended reading: NACUBO Article and EDUCAUSE article

Spring 2005
Hosted by Tulsa Technology Center

The National Forum on College-Level Learning (Dr. Debra Stuart, OSRHE)
Re-tooling Data Management Toward Systems-Thinking (Dr. Jim Purcell, OSRHE)
Professional Integrity / Ethics in Research (Dr. Jim Purcell, OSRHE)

Fall 2004
Hosted by Cameron University

Policy - Numbers - Policy (Dr. Annmarie Shirazi, OCCC)
Home schooled students (Jody Worley, TCC, and Chan Hellman, OU-Tulsa)
Closing the Continuous Improvement Loop (Suzanne Clinton and Lisa Wolfe, Cameron)
Student Credit Use and its Implications (David Tan, OU)
From the Classroom to the Database (Paul Johnson and Levi Drain, TCC)
University-Wide ePortfolio Complete Assessment System (Cal Easterling, ORU)
Common Data Set Exchange (Cindy Boling, UCO)

Spring 2004

Policy - Numbers - Policy (Chancellor Paul Risser, OSRHE)
Quick and Easy Online Surveys (Leslie Hale, Tulsa Technology Center)
Ethics and Accountability (Bob Smith, The Smith Consulting Group)
Making Your Numbers Count (Dr. Jim Purcell, OSRHE)

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